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Initial 2 Day Residential Course
New House Hotel, Cardiff
Price per delegate
£425.00 (excl. VAT)

Next Course with availability:
June 22, 23 2006


An introductory session to The Basic Principles of VAT, and to those issues which are common to all VAT registered persons.

Other Technical Sessions will be based around the issues directly relevant to the delegates, and so will vary from course to course.



How to deal with the VAT Man: practical tips and horror stories from a former VAT inspector; dealing with visits, investigations, rulings, negotiations, assessments; knowing when to comply and when to resist.

How to get best value from VAT consultants: when and how to use VAT Specialists, an insider’s view on how they operate, how to control fees and still enjoy quality service.

Effective VAT Management: how to manage your VAT affairs and sleep nights; what you can and can’t rely on; an anti-complacent strategy; how to identify and concentrate on your big VAT issues.

How to be a VAT expert: advice on update and technical material to use; practical sessions on researching new issues; how to apply basic principles to new problems; knowing when you need help.


Case Study

During the course you will choose an organisation as a Case study to analyse and research for VAT purposes. We can provide a hypothetical case study organisation, but we strongly recommend that you choose your own organisation for your Case study. This will ensure that everything you learn will be directly relevant.

Case Study VAT Map: using VAT Capital’s VAT Map, you will convert the salient features of your organisation’s VAT affairs into a diagram.

Case Study: Strengthening the Defence: confirming basic principles being relied on, assessing system weaknesses, identifying areas of weakness, assessing likelihood of challenge.

Case Study: Going on the attack: considering opportunities to make savings, improve cash flow, reduce compliance costs.

Case Study : Overall assessment: assessing weaknesses and opportunities, researching outstanding issues, VAT consultant surgery.

VAT Consultant Surgery

During the course you will be able to have one to one time with a VAT consultant to talk through VAT issues which you have identified as important during the Case Study part of the programme.

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