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Alun Mathias 

Alun Mathias is the founder and managing director of VAT Capital Ltd. with over 30 years’ VAT experience. Having formerly worked for HMRC as a visiting VAT officer based in Luton, St. Albans and Milton Keynes, Alun joined Ernst & Young in 1990.  As a VAT consultant working for Ernst & Young, Alun worked firstly in Milton Keynes, then in Luton and transferred to Cardiff in 1993. In 1994 Alun became the head of VAT and Indirect Taxes, for Deloitte in Wales. In this role, he developed a strong team of VAT specialists and significantly increased the size of the firm’s VAT practice in Wales. In 2005 Alun left Deloitte to set up the VAT Consultancy practice, VAT Capital. Alun has been the lead VAT advisor to many of the most prominent businesses, charities and public bodies in Wales. In this role he has provided the lead VAT advice into some of the largest and most well-known building projects in Wales. He has extensive expertise in the full range of VAT issues which clients may face. This would include: property transactions and building projects; option to tax; Partial Exemption;  dealing with Assessments and investigations; cross-border transactions; registration issues; charities; VAT treatment of grant funding;  retailers; TOMS; cultural services; non-business apportionment; financial services; insurance; public bodies; mergers and acquisitions;  educational services; FE and HE Colleges; Housing Associations; Theatres; arts Centres; Automotive Industry; and general business VAT compliance and issues. 

Please call Alun on 02920 623655 if you would like to talk about a specific VAT issue.


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If you have a VAT issue which you need to discuss, but are unsure whether you want specialist advice, we would be happy for you to call us. We can discuss your case in general terms, on a no fee, no obligation basis. If, following this, you decide that you would like to engage us more formally, we would agree the scope and terms of the work in advance.   

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